High Rollers Changing the Law

From San Diego Magazine,September 2002



Skate Board Criminals
On February 28th, 2002 on my way to the city council meeting, I received a ticket for skateboarding in San Diego from Officer Scott Thompson
who told me I was in violation of San Diego Municiapal code 84.12.

View the letter I wrote to the city council.


On May 19, 2002 we started the petition to revise section 84.12 to allow skateboarding in the roadway. Over 100 people at the North Park Spring Festival signed the petition to legalize skateboarding in the roadway. Local TV stations Channel 7 and Channel 8 came out to do a story on our campaign.

City Councilman
Byron Wear supports Skateboard

San Diego Union Tribune
May 30, 2002

Tim Clark went to the San Diego City Council on May 29th and presented his arguments for legalizing skateboarding in the roadways of San Diego. The City Council voted a unanimous decision to Direct the City Manager to investigate alternative modes of transportation including Skateboarding.

See the article from the San Diego Union Tribune

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This could be the solution to our transportation problem

...remember, "why walk when you can High Roll?"