Skateboarding, in-line skating, and scooter riding, need to be legalized in the city of San Diego for the use of transportation.

Section 84.12 (A) should be adjusted to allow people wanting to use their bodies as transportation to do so. In order for this to happen, either cars would share the roadways or a path system be developed for the alternative transit rider. Allowing alternative transit riders the right to use the roadways would encourage people to be more health and environmentally conscience. Until specific rules are put into place to best accommodate alternative transit riding, riders would need to obey to the rules of the road and be educated on how to flow with traffic safely and effectively. Making this legal could pave a new future for alternative transportation here in San Diego. Allowing people to utilize their bodyıs fuel instead of petroleum fuel would in turn boost peopleıs health, conserve our resources, and minimize our pollution. An alternative freeway system would be a safe, fun, effective, and efficient way to not only get from A to B, but to also tour this beautiful city in itıs extremely pleasant climate. I have traveled extensively and rolled in many major cities studying and observing alternative transit systems. In doing this, I know they can and do work. Please consider giving alternative transit users a safe and legal means of transportation in the great city of San Diego.

Thank you,

Tim Clark / dedicated rolling citizen