The Pollution Free-way

Alternative Transportation Idea by Tim Clark The reasoning and idea of creating the Pollution Free-way...

Our world relies too much on fossil fuel to propel ourselves on a daily basis. Most of our transportation is done in our cars to and from work. Some people commute 4 hours daily by themselves in their car. = That is 100 gallons per week = annually 10,000 dollars. This is just one example, one person... no wonder we are running out of petroleum and polluting our environment.

I propose creating an alternative freeway system for bikers, skaters and other self drive vehicles. By creating a highway for the alternative transit rider, people would have the ability to skate or bike safely and effectively. This system of transportation would utilize our bodies to get from place to place in a fun pollution freeway. This would lessen pollution and offer a safe and fun workout for today’s health consent person.

Kids more than ever are taking to the streets on their bikes, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters, and various other rolling devices. Most are heckled and honked at by cars for being in their way, when they are just going from A to B conserving our planets resources, enjoying the ride and getting healthy. Biking, skating, and scooter riding can be taught in schools along with alternative path rules. Eventually kids will have the ability to commute to and from school on the alternative freeway. Pathways would be strategically designed to make the ride safe, efficient, and enjoyable. The path could have mellow slopes with banked corners and speed humps to generate speed.

My mission is to continue to research this system and put together findings that will help open the eyes of people that will in turn support creating an incial alternative transportation test path to study from and serve as a model for future alternative pathways. We are fighting a losing battle to petroleum consumption, carbon pollution, and people eating cheeseburgers and talking on their cell-phones while driving on crowded highways. Please consider helping lessen pollution and provide fitness to communities by creating alternative transportation systems for people to roll.

Tim Clark / dedicated rolling citizen