HEAT 2003/2004
The Art of Skate:
A Celebration of the History and Culture of Skateboarding

April - San Diego
May - Portland
June - Vancouver
July - St.Paul / Minneapolis
August - Chicago
September - New York
October - Boston
November - Miami / Jacksonville

Dec15-Jan11 Off

January - Atlanta
February - Denver/ Boulder
March - Vegas
April - Mexico
May - LA
Summer - Japan
Fall - France

Historical Gallery - The Wheel to the 21st Century Skateboard
· Exhibit of archeological evidence of skateboarding
· Verbal and visual presentations

Skate Art Gallery
· Visual arts exhibit featuring 2D, 3D, and graphic arts representing the culture of skateboarding

Dare 2B Aware Interactive Information Center
· National and local businesses in conjunction with governmental and nongovernmental organizations sharing information about how their products and services interact with and serve the public

Innovative Education Center & Technology Learning Lab
· 4-5 concurrent curriculums in 2-3 hour morning and afternoon sessions totaling 10-15 hours of interactive education centered around the art and culture of skateboarding

Event Productions & Performances
· Professional demonstrations
· Performances
· Film and video screenings

For more information see Art of Skate.