Welcome to HEAT!!

The High Energy Awareness Tour 2003/2004 is the brain child of Tim Clark, visual and verbal artist, global videographer, community activist, and consummate skater.

GET-M is proud to support Tim in this tour, and in the realization of his dream of opening for the public an interactive and innovative museum celebrating the history and culture of skateboarding and serving as the permanent home for "The Art of Skate" collection.

believes that dreams are what inspire and motivate all people. "The Art of Skate" encourages us as individuals and global citizens to dream, to persevere, to succeed, to learn, to creatively express, to think critically, and to become empowered with the skills to promote awareness, well-being, and harmony in our global community.


Why support skaters?
To celebrate a diverse people who actively demonstrate sustainable alternative transportation, physical activity, and creative cultural expression within a supportive community. When we appreciate and embrace our diversity as global citizens, we are cultivating our most precious assets.