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Art of Skateboarding 2002


To celebrate skateboarding through an exhibit and related events that explore the history of the sport and the art it’s inspired.

The Art of Skateboarding" is conceived as the ultimate, comprehensive show celebrating skateboarding as not only a sport, but also as a mode of transportation, inspiration for budding artists and an activity that has acquired its own culture of devotees.
The show has a performance element; a passive exhibit of skateboards, memorabilia, photos, paintings, drawings and videos; an educational element; and a multimedia, interactive element.

The show will feature a half-hour theatrical skate show twice daily that will tell a tale of skateboarding history to the audience, in addition to a more elaborate night show with projected film footage from skateboarding’s beginnings to the present.
Each event will also feature kick-off performances by famed skate teams such as Element, Black Label and New Deal (scheduled to perform at the Los Angeles show July 20).

Timeline Exhibit:

A skateboard history tour will take viewers through the evolution of skateboarding, from the earliest days of the sport to today’s modern skateboarding, using skateboards, pictures, artwork, memorabilia and video in a time line tour narrated by legendary skateboarders. Celebrity skaters will work as tour guides and answer questions about the history of the sport.

Education and Multimedia:
Children of all ages will be introduced to the sport through interactive programs such as a finger-boarding course that allows them to emulate skateboarding in a model environment. Skateboard learning courses will give skaters a chance to gain knowledge and skill from qualified instructors.
Nonprofit partner Global Education Through Music (GETM) will run ramp building and skateboard workshops where kids can learn about and participate in building, designing and painting ramps and skateboards. The technology-learning lab will offer an area for participants to use digital video, audio, photography, capturing and editing classes to create art, and then take home their creations on CD ROM. This element offers an excellent opportunity for a corporate sponsor to let their products and expertise be part of the participants’ experience.

Early Success:
The first "The Art of Skateboarding" event and exhibit was held at the San Diego Children’s Museum in April 2002. Over 500 people attended the kickoff event on April 6th, 2002 and over the coarse of the month thousands of people had a chance to video our exhibit. Four local television news crews came to our opening event and did story’s on our exhibit at the event. The San Diego Children’s Museum commended our exhibit and enjoyed much more attendance that month due to "The Art of Skateboarding".

Tim Clark / exhibit curator and event coordinator (619) 234-4070, tim@rollingwheel.com

Proposal for the Recreation Center in Clark Warehouse @ 804 N. Elm St.

Watch a Video about the Rec Center

The Spalding Skatepark opened in the spring of 2001. The $280,000 concrete skate park offers skating for all ages, free to the public. This park brings people together to utilize and enjoy another positive recreation in Spalding Park. Spalding Park houses tennis courts, baseball diamond, swimming pool, basketball courts, jungle gym, and a skatepark. Franklin Middle School is across the street on Harris and Clark Distributing warehouse is across the street on Elm. The railroad tracks run along both sides of the park.
Now with the large number of skaters and parents coming to the skate park there has been a great need for food, beverage and a pro shop near Spalding Park.
I, Tim Clark am an avid supporter of the park. I am looking for private or public organizations to support the building of a facility to offer these an other services. I envision creating an indoor recreation and learning center to be built adjacent to the Spalding Park at Clark warehouse. The facility would serve as a positive learning environment for people of all ages. This proposed facility could facilitate sports such as hockey, skateboarding, in-line skating, bmx, rock climbing, baseball, golf, paintball and the martial arts. These popular sports flourish in areas that have facilities for them to operate in. Since the current demand is skating, we would cater to this market and then continue to add other activities in the warehouse once the funding becomes available.
An eventual goal could be to create a "virtual learning laboratory" environment. The learning lab would bring cutting edge computer and virtual learning tools to the center. The virtual learning lab would utilize today's technology to help educate people in nearly all areas of life. Video imagine displays could match a young girls golf swing to that of Tiger Woods, or to match the stride of Olympic gold medallist Bonnie Blair. These images can be projected in an interactive theater area. Here people would view the video or images while they are doing the activity. The technology to make this exists. Some of the worlds leading experts in this field live and work in the Champaign community. The learning laboratory would serve as the place for youth, as well as people of all ages, establishing an environment to learn how to utilize today's media and harness the great amount of knowledge and possibilities contained therein.

We had the Campaign Champaign skate event on January 12th 2002 and it was a great success with over 500 people in attendance. We showed the great potential for the facility. We plan on opening by the summer of 2002.

For more information please contact us. Thank You.